December 11, 2010

Savor Dining Club

As someone who loves the art of food and dining, I was right at home designing the brand to launch and market the Savor Dining Club on the New Jersey shore. It was a top to bottom effort, from brand ID to marketing materials, advertising and website. SDC offered restaurants an avenue of exclusive marketing while diners received percentage discounts at the participating restaurants. Despite the fact that there was no marketing program in the area with this kind of sophisticated and integrated offering and tremendous cost savings, it wasn't enough to weather the bad economy, and SDC had to close it's doors as the industry took a heavy hit.

November 28, 2010

Killer VARS

A cover illustration for a special issue of Accounting Technology magazine, a Source Media publication


An image commissioned for a magazine feature about banks and financial institutions going paperless. Shown along with the final piece is the initial rough concept sketch.

November 14, 2010

IVD (In Vitro Diagnostics) Technology Magazine, a UBM/Canon publication, commissioned me for a distinctive anniversary logo for their 15th year of publication. I wanted to capture the technology in a contemporary, warm and celebratory way without alluding directly to specific science.

Wise Crunch Crew

Source Communications commissioned me to do a logo for their client Wise for a cross promotion of Wise products and the New York Jets football team. Because of the requirements of the various reproduction sizes (including a 60-foot display), the logo had to be created in vector (top image). The bottom image represents a test version of the logo in true 3D

Baylor University

This image was created for Baylor University. Their publication featured a story about Extended Learning Groups (ELGs) where students of diverse backgrounds and studies live and study together in groups. Studies have found that these students learn and assimilate more while enjoying a fuller college experience.

National Engineer's Week

I've done several posters for Engineer's Week with Hugh Moore of Hugh Moore & Associates. This is the first one I did for Girl's Day, a special event during Engineer's Week where the variety of engineering careers are presented to girls who are considering college studies. The texture of the images makes up the girl in the poster while presenting a visual reference to every kind of engineering. This sort of image works great large. That's the downside of a computer monitor.

From the Gallery, 1

This is an piece I did for the Wharton School of Business when the tech boom was at its pre-collapse height in 2000. Interesting how things have changed - or have they?

self portrait

November 7, 2010

National Engineer's Week

Hugh Moore of Hugh Moore & Associates commissioned me to do this poster image to represent the 60th Anniversary of National Engineer's Week. It was quite a rearch and design undertaking since the image needed to cover the gamut of engineering fields, convey the anniversary as well as appeal to an audience with a wide age range

Women's health

Mary Ellen Niatis, Creative Director at Quadrant HealthCom, commissioned me for this illustration about endometriosis for the cover of SRM magazine (Sexuality, Reproduction & Menopause). The goal was to create an image that gave an overview of the story and evoked the right feeling without being too clinical


It's a fascinating process taking a message, title, brand name, idea, etc. and bringing it to life as a logo or typographic treatment. Here is a sampling of a few I've done for a variety of clients.

October 29, 2010


One of the influences on my typographic work is the interplay between letterform and architecture. I did this piece for the shear fun of it - a case study in creating an unusual design, imagining what it could look like 12 feet wide on the side of a building or marquee, then bringing it to life unhindered by actual costs of building, labor and materials. Don't wake me from this dream!

February 4, 2010

Thrive Magazine

Art Director Letizia Albamonte of Pace Communications, commissioned this image for Thrive Magazine, a Syngenta publication, to tell the story about business planning in the agriculture industry. Here I show a concept sketch and the final image. On my roughs, even though the sketch elements are clear, it's not uncommon for me to label them in case the creative team plans to show them to their clients. Mostly, this helps everyone be onboard early with the concepts and direction of the image.