November 7, 2010

National Engineer's Week

Hugh Moore of Hugh Moore & Associates commissioned me to do this poster image to represent the 60th Anniversary of National Engineer's Week. It was quite a rearch and design undertaking since the image needed to cover the gamut of engineering fields, convey the anniversary as well as appeal to an audience with a wide age range

Women's health

Mary Ellen Niatis, Creative Director at Quadrant HealthCom, commissioned me for this illustration about endometriosis for the cover of SRM magazine (Sexuality, Reproduction & Menopause). The goal was to create an image that gave an overview of the story and evoked the right feeling without being too clinical


It's a fascinating process taking a message, title, brand name, idea, etc. and bringing it to life as a logo or typographic treatment. Here is a sampling of a few I've done for a variety of clients.